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Samsung Is Now Set To Create Future At Tizen, Not Android

Samsung has enjoyed significant success in the Android playing field and the tech giant is planning to broaden its futuristic horizons. Though reports have suggested are revealing that Samsung is working on a Tizen device, it has now came into consideration that currently there are not just one but two handsets in the making, one is the mid range and the second one is high end device. The phones will expectedly be out in August and September.

According to news, Samsung is looking to launch its two handsets to run on the Tizen 2.1 Magnolia operating system. However, top of the line handset constitutes the Smartphone codename GT-18805, the device codename GT- 18800 Melius is a mid range one. Samsung’s officials stated that Smartphones and tablets running on Microsoft’s Windows operating system are not holding good selling statements and the market preference is for Android.

This is the possible reason company is not emphasizing much on Android and Google now, at the same time talking down anything with reference of windows. According to the reports leaked about Samsung’s Redwood on the file sent to developers on the Tizen site, one handset which is high end will come with 4G LTE connectivity, while Melius will house 3G radio.

After moving successful with Android, the technology world is expecting Samsung to build its Tizen devices as amazing and appealing as its previous offerings. No matter what, Tizen is an operating system at its early stages of development but has already delivered most elevated apps. Enhanced hardware when combined with an easy to use and efficient software may just be able to make Tizen and Samsung a noticeable combination.

Though there is no official word out regarding these two handsets releasing event, but the devices will be the equipped with best specifications.


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