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Samsung dominates Smartphone market leaving Apple next

It won’t be overstated to say 2012 was Samsung’s year. Samsung dominated the Smartphone race in Q4 2012. There is list of competitors in Smartphone market and technologies have strived hard to bring up with most enhanced and user friendly features. Market is endorsed with power users who tend to seek best technology embedded with best features. Keeping power users in mind, big brands have tried to palm them exceptionally best Smartphone continuing the race to hold top.

According to IDC report, in terms of revenue which is around 38.8% and in volume holding 33%, Samsung is at top leaving Apple next. According to the surprising report, Chinese brand Huawei has managed grabbing third position slipping Sony down and the finish handset maker Nokia is nowhere in countable list.

Research ventures stated that Google’s Android’s market share are taken back by iPad and iPhone. Apple iPhone5 helps restoring its top market place. Apple is U.S’s popular brand and Android operating system appears to be Europe favorite. Considering numbers, Samsung moved 64.5 units in Q4 where as apple shipped to 43.5 million units in last quarter.

Samsung is the largest distributor of Android based Smartphone. According to research, Samsung is the most adorable Smartphone producer in France, Germany, Britain, Italy and Spain by holding 44.4 % market share.

Till the end of 2012, Android and iOS are the two segments dominating the Smartphone market. But in 2013, there is expected scope of third platform to take rise.

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