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Responsive Web Design with Html5.

Responsive web design is a web designing approach focusing on developing sites that gives excellent viewing experience. it includes comfort at navigation and ease to read with optimum resizing and scrolling that works on desktop computers and even mobile phones. Responsive web design addresses the changing prospects of browsers, devices, and orientation by creating adaptive and flowing web sites. In other words it could be stated as responsive web design is an efficient measure showing your web site content in simple manner without considering any specific device.

Smart-phone revolution has completely changed the developer’s order of implementing their jobs. Scenario reveals it’s time now to change your web designing techniques to responsive web design instead of maintaining another mobile version. Responsive design need to change itself according to requirement of media devices.

Elements of responsive web design

Any site designed according to responsive techniques includes three basic elements:

  • Media query- media queries could be used to apply different style rules to page based on characteristics of the device displaying site. Semantic operators such as AND and NOT could be used to test for several features of combined queries. Features include height, width, max width, device height, orientation, resolution etc.
  • Flexible grids – fluid grid concept include the page elements size to be in relative percentage rather than absolute units. Developers should avoid using pixels as for today it is almost pixel oriented description of layout and text sizes.
    Target / context = result

    This means you need to have some math to achieve flexible grid.

  • Flexible images – images are also need to be sized in relative units up to 100%. This feature allows you adapting image to load differently depending upon device by using scaling.


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2 Responses to “Responsive Web Design with Html5.”

  1. jim.karter says:

    Nice Article. We can consider web design as a combination of planning and mixing text, images, and multimedia files to form a professional web design. Web designers utilize HTML for the website structure and CSS for adding their final touch from colors, fonts, alignment. Javascript is important as well to create an interactive page.

    But the point that web designers should be more familiar with the new web design techniques such as responsive web designs. Nowadays, huge traffic is coming from hand-held devices such as tablets and smart phones. A responsive web design will work on any device with no problem.

  2. Pamala Kleiman says:

    Great writers aren’t easy – I think you have done a good job here. Nice Job.

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