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Native Application Results In Elevating Tablet Optimized Websites

Native Tablet applications are usually taken as more engaging than the browser based web applications. There are certain characteristics of native experience that presents it differently from other browser based web applications. While considering responsive design approach to optimize web experiences for tablets, most of the developers are keen to design a more “app-like” mobile web experience.

There exist a significant gap between browser based web experience which can be optimized for the improved tablet use. This not only helps to put forward reveal existing desktop web experience in a more intuitive way but also give a vital approach with a responsive web design. Organizations have often strived hard to optimize the tablet experience in accordance to the desktop experience, particularly assigning the additional cost of optimising web experience.
There are certain vital aesthetics of native tablet app design that can be used as an acceleration to improve the web experience.

Simplified navigation paths – To keep navigation easy to find when required, without diverging from rest of the experience, tablet applications basically employ simplistic navigation techniques taking use of the extra screen real estate area.

Focus on design principle – One of the feature that a tablet application holds is the focus at each screen taking cognizance of core user task. To make the experience more flawless, distractions are removed that may take away from the core element.

Persistent actions – Tablet applications generally make use of toolbars that are placed along with points of action at an easy reach. Adding to this, there are various actions related to particular piece of content that are placed in the close proximity to that item in the manner which indicates how it can be manipulated.

Use of transitions and animations – Attenuate animations and transitions can help offer tablet experiences which feels much prompt and engaging as well as helping provide ample feedback at the times while user completes an action.

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