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Microsoft promises less update issues with Windows 8

Most of the Microsoft Windows users often have complaints and annoyance with the reboot and updation of the computers. But now as per the Microsoft Windows 8 review, it is stated that there will be some relief for the users of the Windows 8 in terms of less number of restarts.

Users find it bit irritating when, they need to restart the system when an update installs and cannot be modified until it reboots. But now Microsoft has realized that users are seriously not liking it.

What changes are supposedly made by the Microsoft to the Windows 8?

  1. In Windows 8, Windows feature will incorporate all the pending restarts for the month will wait till the Microsoft’s familiar Patch Tuesday(second Tuesday of each month), thus promoting the reboot of the PC.
  2. Exceptions would be only in the case of essential security updates.
  3. The notification for the rebbot will be there on the log in screen for 3 days and if that 3 days are passed, Windows 8 will display an automatic reboot message only if PC is locked, means there are no files running.
  4. No restart notification will disrupt in the middle of any work and will wait for intrusive time.
    These are the few changes that are talked about in the Microsoft’s Windows 8 review.

There is no definite date stated for the release of windows 8 but it is expected to come in 2012.

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