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Microsoft planning IE automatic update for all users.

Microsoft announced recently that, from next month, it will be upgrading its users automatically to the latest version of the Internet Explorer browser. Customers using Window XP, windows Vista and Windows 7 having automatic update enabled via windows update. After this the users will be presented with the latest version of the Internet explorer browser.

For the Windows Vista and Windows 7 , the update will be to IE 9 and for the Windows XP, it would be IE 8. The up-gradation will commence in Brazil and Australia and then in other countries. If the user want to do it manually, you can use IE8 and IE9, Automatic Update blocker toolkit.

Why is this browser up-gradation matter? It is because using an updated browser will be the safest way for web surfing. Updates always include the new security patches and previous bugs are fixed, that otherwise make the browser more vulnerable to attacks. But in most of the cases users hardly go for up-gradation themselves. That is why there are still people who are using age old IE6.

Google chrome always provide the automatic updation for its users at regular intervals.

Microsoft has taken a long time in the launch of the new update. The IE8 was launched in 2008 and IE9 in 2011. Microsoft is still working on IE10.

The IE9 Blocker Tool kit will be helpful in ensuring that IE9 is introduced to PC’s at the right time.

Microsoft’s main aim behind the secret up-gradation is that it want to improve the browser experience of the user. Also, Microsoft wants to mark an end of the too old IE6. Microsoft wish that all users must upgrade to the latest version, to enjoy the most preferable web browser all over the world.


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