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Enterprise Mobility: Mobile Revolution.

Merging different technologies, people and processes with target of procurement of various connectivity options suitable for enterprise – wide use of mobile devices and mobility software is termed as enterprise mobility.

Business use Smart mobiles in a way one or other so as to improve productivity of sales or as business enhancement tool for the customers. 2012 was a significant year in terms of enterprise mobility. On the other side companies are walking towards the endorsement of mobile devices such as tablets and smartphones. Smartphones, tablets and e- readers are more in demand as compared to desktop computers. This brings the day closer when mobile devices will stand in lead at both offices and home. There is a growth in the development of mobile apps, mobile security solutions, mobile focused applications and interfaces. The mobile enterprise apps will allow employees to stay in touch with real time data on handheld device.

Increased adoption of smart devices

PaaS, a cloud based technology provides infinite scalability, supporting and offering mobile access to billions of tasks compiled by thousands of employees in major corporations. According to ABI research, mobile apps downloads are expected to reach 44 billion by 2016. According to survey, the mobile phone usage in business has increased to 38% from 26% and is expected to be 43% in near future. Apple’s iOS and Google’s android and black berry are at top in demand among enterprise.

Now the battle of mobile enterprise continues to which operating system will stand in lead. According to Good technology’s quarterly analysis Ios devices made 71% of net activations in Q4 2011 while android devices dropped it to 29%. The mobile based apps beam the need of enterprise app store and only the authorized mobile handsets have their access.

Increased collaboration

Association between Microsoft and Nokia for window mobile operating system, Google’s alliance with Samsung, LG, HTC and Sony supporting android operating system results in greater flexibility.

Enterprise mobility has reached and Ios platform is offering best services but with android and windows mobile on rise.

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